Laura Alonso (Ballet) was born in New York City. Her parents Alicia Alonso and Fernando Alonso, are outstanding figures of the world of dance. Laura studied with several renowned professors in the ballet world.

She was principal soloist at the National Ballet of Cuba for 25 years. After leaving the stage, Laura worked as personal trainer and maître for Alicia Alonso during 7 years. 

Some dancers trained by Laura Alonso have been awarded gold and silver medals and prizes at international contests, such as the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris and the Jackson International Ballet Competition, in which Laura was awarded the Prize to the Best Trainer. At the Gran Latino Americano de la Danza 2001 Contest, held in Córdoba, Argentina, she was appointed Vice-president of the Latin American Dance Federation, in representing Cuba.

Some of Laura Alonso’s students were José Manuel Carreño and Xiomara Reyes, top figures at the ABT; Marcela Goicochea, principal dancer in Chile’s National Ballet; Lorna Feijó, Alihaydé Carreño and Víctor Gilí, top figures with the National Ballet of Cuba; Arionel Vargas, top figure with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet; Edelquis Cruz, top figure with the Teatro Teresa Carreño Ballet of Caracas, among others.

Since 1984, Laura Alonso has worked as the General Director of Cuba’s Center for the Promotion of Dance, internationally known as ProDanza, where young dancers and ballerinas are trained according to the syllabus of the Cuban Ballet School. Laura is also the main organizer and promoter of the worldwide known CUBALLET events, which are international courses that take place in different seasons of the year and in several countries.

She is a Guest Teacher at several ballet academies in Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, The Philippines, Mexico and the United States, and she has given courses as requested by prestigious ballet companies.